Corporate Governance

GRUPO CLM values transparency, ethics and integrity in business

relationships and in its organizational culture

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the adaptation of the company’s leadership to the fundamental principles of Transparency, Ethics, Morality and Legality.

To be able to adapt quickly and effectively to a difficult and ever-changing environment, CLM is organized into Centers, run by a leadership that shares a framework of values, expressed in its basic principles.

To improve and formalize its governance CLM has implemented:


  • External Tax Auditor registered with the CRC;
  • External Auditing duly registered with the CVM;
  • Developed an Integrity Program;
  • Hired Compliance Counsel Carolina Marzano,;
  • It was certified by the multi-association initiative
  • An Ethical Company Certifies An Ethical Company;
  • It uses the independent whistleblowing channel of this initiative